Quality of Life

Columbia and Montour Counties are located in Pennsylvania’s heartland. They offer the best of both worlds to prospective developers and business owners – easy access to the Commonwealth’s interstate highway system and yet a rural and quaint quality of life that boasts several thriving downtowns.


With its unique Victorian architecture, Berwick’s Downtown District is the site of unique shops, restaurants, services, and a movie theater. Numerous events take place in and around the downtown throughout the year. The famous Thanksgiving Day “Run for the Diamonds” hosts about 1,000 runners a year. The Jaycees Christmas Boulevard, a light and decoration display along Market Street, is held throughout the month of December. In the spring, the Boulevard is transformed into a flowering vista.


Bloomsburg, a University town, borders the Susquehanna River and offers a bustling downtown filled with retail shops and more than a dozen restaurants, and a large town park.

Bloomsburg is a small, historic town home to just over 12,000 residents. The County seat, Bloomsburg, is considered the only incorporated “town” in Pennsylvania.

The turn of the century brought about a substantial change in Bloomsburg’s economy because iron ore was exhausted, and the agricultural base was depleted. Textile mills began to locate in Bloomsburg such as Magee Carpet, employing many local people and enhancing the local economy.

Today, Bloomsburg boasts a diverse economy thanks to Bloomsburg Hospital, Bloomsburg University, and a downtown community of small businesses from shops to bars and eateries. Bloomsburg is also home to two micro-breweries, Marley’s in downtown Bloomsburg and the Turkey Hill Brewing Company, housed on the same property as The Inn at Turkey Hill in Lightstreet.

A section of downtown Bloomsburg has been named a National Historic District, opening the way for the refurbishing of its fine residential architecture. The leading organization in downtown Bloomsburg is Downtown Bloomsburg, Inc.

The campus of Bloomsburg University immediately adjoins downtown Bloomsburg, PA and contributes to the community in many ways.


Danville, a small town with about 5,000 residents, boasts a well-preserved downtown that includes a business district, a micro-brewery, retail shopping, and access to the region’s most well-known natural resource – the Susquehanna River.

From the 1800s, Danville forged a reputation as an iron-making center, creating and manufacturing the railroad industry’s iron T-rail, which contributed greatly to the area’s success, employing over a thousand people. The mills, blast furnaces and foundries continued to operate through the turn of the century.

Today, Danville celebrates its iron heritage each year in July with a multiple-day festival called the Iron Heritage Festival. The high schools also celebrates this iron heritage with their sports teams – called the Danville Ironmen.

Neighboring Towns

Smaller towns such as Millville, Benton and Catawissa offer affordable housing, excellent school systems, small town hospitality, and a relaxed rural setting ideal for raising a family.

For more information about tourism in the region, visit the Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau (www.itourcolumbiamontour.com)